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My very own collection of massage oils that you cannot buy anywhere else. These precious oils are blended exclusively by my Sister, Vicky who is herself a Complementary Therapist, specialising in Reflexology & Aromatherapy.

We set about creating this range as I had exhausted all the "professional" blends available. I was tired of unimaginitive, weak dilutions, sticky base oils and nothing I hadn't smelt in 20 other salons or spas.  I wanted something different, so I created it.

During a massage treatment, a number of "moods" will  be selected from the information you give during your consultation. From this, you will have a sensory test; an opportunity to feel the oil on your skin and inhale the aroma.... Then it's over to you,

Your nose makes the decision. 

We are busy creating to get our range to market!  Coming soon to a bath near you....

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