Ashmira Botanic Ingrown Hair Serum

Multi Active Ingrown Hair Serum

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 An innovative roll-on serum with 3 key actions:

(1) combats post-wax bumps and ingrown hairs,
(2) inhibits hair re-growth after waxing, and
(3) minimises the appearance of hyper-pigmentation often associated with ingrowns.

Use up to 3 times a day from 24 hours after waxing until improvement is seen.

• Betaine salicylate – a combination of salicylic acid and the skin conditioner betaine. Provides effective exfoliation and helps to combat post-wax breakouts, without the aggressive peeling and irritation often experienced with other keratolytic agents.
• Arginine – amino acid with skin conditioning and anti-oxidant properties, also shown to promote skin regeneration.
• Azeliac acid derivative – sebum normalising and skin lightening attributes.
• Saw palmetto, rosebay willowherb and pumpkin extracts – a proprietary blend of natural ingredients proven to inhibit hair re-growth.

Not recommended for use by people with an allergy to asprin

Size 30ml