Ashmira Botanic Purifying Skin Spritz

Purifying Skin Spritz

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Formulated specifically to help prevent and treat the bumps and pimples that commonly appear on men’s backs and chestsafter hair removal. Mist lightly over the treated area immediately after waxing and continue using at home, 2-3 times a day until improvement is seen. Do not apply to the face or intimate areas. Our purifying spritz may also be used in combination with our ingrown serum on the torso, legs and arms, to tackle troublesome ingrown hairs. Its immediate cooling sensation is complemented by the subtle aroma of orange and sandalwood.

• Betaine salicylate – a combination of salicylic acid and the skin conditioner betaine. Provides effective exfoliation and helps to combat post-wax breakouts, without the aggressive peeling and irritation often experienced with other keratolytic agents.
• Aloe vera – calming and hydrating.
• Allantoin – anti-inflammatory.
• Menthol derivative – non-irritating cooling ingredient for a
sensation of freshness.
• Phytic acid – gentle exfoliant, sebum normaliser and mild skin
lightening agent (to help prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation)
with anti-oxidant properties.